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专业生产防护手套线配件:输送链条和手模座。 工厂落户上海嘉定区后迁至南通如皋。





占地 20000  平米。可生产各类槽体,罐体,风管以及生产线使用的订制性配件。











SHANGHAI JBS CO LTD was established on Oct 26th,2005.

We are dealing in importing and exporting of the bearing specially. Starting for selling the parts of the glove industry in Malaysia.


JBS (SHANGHAI)TEC CO LTD was established in 2014.

Specialized in the production to the Conveyor Chain and Former Holder.

The factory was located in Jiading,Shanghai then remove to Rugao,Nantong city,Jiangsu.


In 2018 Established Joint Venture in Malaysia to undertake the glove dipping line project and the maintenance service.


In 2020 the fabrication base to the dipping line was settled down in Liyang city,Jiangsu.

The base occupied 20000  Square Meter and can offered all kinds of the tanks,sinks,Ducting system and other special parts.


Since 2000 JBS Bearing Co Ltd exported more than millions pieces specialized bearings to TOP Gloves, Kossan, YTY group and other glove companies through the Malaysia local agent and gained the recognition.


Conveyor Chain and Former Holder from JBS TEC Co Ltd are popular in the leading companies and some new distinctive ones of the glove industry.


Since 2018 Joining in the Designing,Fabricating and Maintenance to the project of Top Gloves and Kossan in Malaysia.


In 2020 covid-19 time with Jiangsu FMXK we undertook 30 lines turnkey projects of Double Former Nitrile Gloves with the output of 1 million pieces Per Day in China. The designing and  fabrication to 4 lines in Thailand and 10 lines in Vietnam.